Builders and carpenters usually need reliable sources for lumber. They have to have straight, well graded materials to work with. In this region, they know Homewood as one of the best sources. Build Green: Today, all of us want to “Build Green” with materials that use less energy and come from renewable sources. Almost all of the Lumber and Wood Products at Homewood are traceable to sustainable forests. Doug Fir and Engineered Lumber: California and the Northwest have an abundant supply of Douglas Fir, which is also rated as the best of all softwood lumber for its strength and stability. Homewood stocks and delivers millions of board feet of Doug Fir each year. We are also tops as a source for Glulams, I Joists and full range of Engineered Lumber that are now widely used to compliment Douglas Fir in most projects. Contact a Homewood lumber specialist today. Call (916) 652-4655

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